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Forming Company In USA?

Once, you will be deciding upon register your organization in the country, you are required to find out all legal obligations to open your setup with in states. Also, find out all the states where you would like to incorporate as well as carry of running of your business. Also, find out whether you would like to seek protectivity for the intellectual property you are having or needing any sort of specialized licensing. Our experts will be assisting you out in drafting your preparation plan for register your company in USA.

Opening Corporate bank account in entity name

You are required to open your bank account in the name of your entity only. After opening your bank account, you will be depositing the initial capital share of your company, in case it is required

Planning & preparation stage

When you determine your unique business needs, pick up your organization’s most relevant, unique, and appropriate. Also, find out the nature of the entity that you are looking forward to registering.

Documentation preparations

The documentation that is needed to register company in USA vary from one state to another. This is because every state has its legislation, so you are required to act accordingly. 

Initial assessment

Upon deciding to opt for company registration USA, you are required to find out whether you are eligible to open your business in USA or not. Also, find out what state/state you would like to set up & start your business. 

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How to register company in USA?

Are you searching for ways to register your company within the United States? Well, establishing your business is fairly easy in the country even under the condition that you don’t have a visa and you are not planning your visit there. The Non-citizens can become the shareholders/ or even the director of an organization under the condition of holding a US visa. If you are planning to start a small business within this country, you aren’t required to hold citizenship or even state residency to start the same. Company registration in America is quite a straightforward & simple procedure when it is done rightly. The company registration procedure is required to be completed online in adherence to the specific standards statewide. Any person, whether American or foreign national can carry out the registration of the business within the states. Thus, any non-American can opt for US company formation, whether they are looking for a limited liability company (LLC) or incorporation. 

Why do businesses from all over the globe look for US as the best destination to establish their market presence?

What all things can be done by forming company in USA?

In today’s time, even the owners of budding startups or even other entrepreneurs are searching for ways to expand by opting for US company formation. Although it may sound quite ambitious, however, there are some complexities involved in this procedure. So, it is extremely crucial to acquire the right knowledge and understanding of the entire process for successfully registering your company in the United States.

What all business structures hold eligibility to register company in USA?

While trying to find answers to such questions, the registration process will require the applicant to apply based upon the nature of the business entity they wish to actually setup up. This entails the business entity they would like to come up for example, S-Corp/C-Corp or LLC. The provision to set up an S corporation is not at all available to the personnel who are non-residents of the United States. Thus, you are required to decide choosing in between C-Corp or LLC.  

Here is a list of some of the main corporation categories which businesses look forward to most commonly:

  1. LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  2. C Corporation
  3. S Corporation
  4. B Corporation
  5. Close Corporation
  6. Cooperative type
  7. Non-profit Corporation

Brief overview about company registration USA process

In case required, there is the possibility to register company in many states Compliance requirements for companies in USA

Compliance Requirements for state

Federal Compliance needs


Steps Building an USA Company Formation

  • Find a local registered agent
  • Choosing business entity type you intent to set up
  • Determine the state(s) where you would want to conduct business
  • Take into consideration nature & all activities of your business
  • Prepare list of all required permits/ licenses/ registrations
  • Fill application for EIN, Employee Identification Number
  • Opening of your bank account as well as merchant account (in case required)
  • Get business insurance and Understand your tax liability
  • Prepare documentation list required for registering
  • Filing of your incorporation documentation, in state’s filing office
  • Register the company in multiple states if needed and Start your Business
  • Prepare list of all required permits/ licenses/ registrations

Documentation needed to register company in USA

  • Copies of passports of all company personnel.
  • PAN Cards (in the case of Indian nationals)
  • Identity proof.
  • Incorporation Certification of the applicant Business’s structure.
  • Utility Bills for Proof of Residence:
    • Electricity Bill
    • Municipal Tax receipts
    • Water Bills
  • Digital Signatures of company personnel.
  • Company’s applicant tradename.

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