Nominee Director / Shareholder Service

Nominee service is a legitimate approach to safeguard the identity of the business owner and preserve the privacy of the true owner by assuming their position in all public records pertaining to the company and non-governmental organizations.

Responsibilities of Nominee Services

  • Completing and signing specific paperwork.
  • Sending yearly data about the business to the state registry.
  • Maintaining communication with tax authorities.

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What are Nominee Services?

Nominee service is a legitimate approach to safeguard the identity of the business owner and preserve the privacy of the true owner by assuming their position in all public records pertaining to the company and non-governmental organizations. An individual or corporate nominee director, shareholder, founder, etc., who is nominated for appointment in accordance with the agreement by the owner of the business or the person in charge of the legal organization, may perform services. For the formation of offshore companies, Autofillings offers its clients the best nominee services, including confidentiality, asset protection, independent management, etc. When it comes to appointments during the company incorporation process, such as those for a nominee director or shareholder, we can help both parties.

Nominee Director Service

Clients may have concerns about secrecy or may genuinely prefer to remain in the background of corporate administration when they opt to incorporate an offshore corporate organization, in which case a nominee director is chosen.
A beneficial owner enters into an agreement with the nominee, who consents to follow the owner of the company's instructions and to quit at his first request, to be appointed as a director.
This unavoidably leads to the beneficial owner losing some influence over the company, and in order to regain that control, a nominated director can be instructed to issue a power of attorney in the name of the company's owner or any other individual the owner selects for offshore company formation.

Nominee Shareholder Service

When one of our clients wants to remove themselves from an offshore corporate entity's legal ownership, they employ a nominee shareholder service in a common law offshore jurisdiction, where nominee and director shareholder services have become as ubiquitous as company formations themselves.
It implies that it has no ownership rights in the company's shares and must give those shares back to the beneficial owner upon request.
They will sign into a Declaration of Trust arrangement with the company owner, but they are not authorized to exercise voting rights or trade with shares without the company beneficial owner's permission.

What Makes Our Services Unique for Nominating Candidates

  • No security deposit.
  • Excellent level of privacy.
  • Competent expertise.
  • Director service for nominees.
  • Shareholder service for nominees.
  • Power of Attorney with Apostille.
  • Power of attorney notarized.

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Steps to Opening an Offshore Company

We add value throughout your incorporation journey, from decision-making, to organizing, and managing the incorporation procedure. There are a number of steps you must follow to incorporate an overseas business in order to manage the incorporation process and provide value as you go.

  • Choose your desired location

    The first step is to contact us for jurisdictions. We'll walk you through the process and let you know which jurisdiction is best for you.

  • Take into account your needs

    The next step is to be absolutely clear about the purpose of your business, such as establishing a cryptocurrency exchange, an online casino, or a forex brokerage. At this point, we'll take a close look at your company's requirements.

  • Engage Fast Offshore

    Next, as we always take the time to get to know our clients thoroughly before offering guidance for the finest offshore company formation, we will advise you on the jurisdiction that will best fit your needs.

  • Gather documentation

    Once a jurisdiction has been chosen, you must provide us with the pertinent paperwork needed to construct the finest offshore company, such as information on the business activity, various identity documents, and a variety of other papers.

  • Sit back and unwind

    Once you've given us the necessary paperwork and registration money, we'll take care of company formation in offshore jurisdictions so you can focus on other business requirements.

Functions of Nominee Director Service

Handling daily business operations under the business owner

Safeguarding the business owner from the nominee's bad behavior.

Shield the clients from the need for public disclosure.

Having at least one resident director who is local in accordance with the law.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

To safeguard the identity of the company owner or to offer a local director for non-resident business owners in offshore company formation, nominees can be either an individual or a company that agrees to be identified as the principal officer of a business at Companies House.

Bank account details, which are securely kept & never shared with any Nominees, are only accessible to the company's Beneficial Owner.

When a nominee shareholder is appointed, a nominee service agreement will be signed between you and the nominee, and the nominee will perform its work to the highest level of integrity and confidentiality used for offshore company formation. Nominee shareholders are used to prevent the real owner of the company from being publicly associated with the ownership.

For the nominee director service for offshore company formation, only basic personal identity documents are required such as passports and address proofs.