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With more than 20 years of experience in the field of international banking, we have put together a winning combination that will offer you the advantage of having a complete understanding of offshore banks and what all offshore banks will accept, whether it comes to both the kind of business and offshore company countries.

Our offerings:

  • Lowest cost.
  • Exceptional banking services.
  • Highest levels of security.
  • Direct entry into the global SWIFT network.
  • Accessibility to phone and online banking.
  • Bank cards and credit card.

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About Us

What are accounts in offshore banks?

An offshore bank account is one you have outside of the country you live in or one your company uses for offshore banking. In other words, opening an offshore business account is one of the initial steps in establishing a company in a foreign country.

Types of offshore bank accounts
  • Current account
  • Card account
  • Investment account
  • Merchant account
  • Broker’s account
  • Savings account

Advantages of an offshore bank account

  • Enabling flexibility to maintain the bank account in one location with certain asset protection regardless of your presence or absence in the country.
  • The money is readily available at all times, around the clock.
  • Investors that are tax-neutral pay next to nothing or nothing at all to receive dividends.
  • Giving you a greater selection of global investment opportunities to expand your investment portfolio.
  • Enables the owners to transact in foreign currencies in order to globalize their savings.
  • managing your money on a global scale with complete flexibility.

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Customer Service
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Account opening in 4 simple steps

  • Send the essential data to your desired bank.
  • Fill out a short business questionnaire provided by our team to apply for your account.
  • Engage Fast Offshore.
  • Send us the required paperwork to complete the process.
  • You can begin doing business abroad with the help of your international business account.

Documents Required

  • Bank statements for six months.
  • Account holders, the shareholder(s), or the director(s) resume.
  • Information about clients, suppliers, partners, or corporate documents.
  • Concrete evidence of existence.
  • Signatures on all required documents, including passports and forms.
  • KYC form for an offshore banking account.
  • Letter of bank reference.
  • Plan of business, trading proofs.

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