S-Corp Company Formation

With the help of professionals, you can start a S-Corp today in less than 10 minutes and provide owners with limited liability protection.

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C-corp v/s S-corp: Difference


  • Taxation is through passing through entities.
  • The limit is fixed to 100 shareholders i.e. US citizens plus individuals.
  • Only 1 class of stock.
  • Election of taxation under Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code with the IRS.
  • Less flexibility for smaller companies.


  • Taxation is a separate entity.
  • A limited number of shareholder.
  • Multiple classes of stock.
  • Election of taxation under Subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).
  • Offering more flexibility for larger companies.

Conversion of C-Corp to S-Corp

  • Along with the shareholder signature, Form 2553 must be filed with the IRS to amend the tax election.
  • A majority of corporate shareholders must approve a change for an S-Corp company.
  • Issues with Built-In Gains Tax on Net Unrealized Asset Appreciation are presented.
  • Or you can just use a consultant autofill to choose the best advisor for company formation who can provide you with the proper guidance.

Advantages of establishing an Offshore S-Corp Company

  • Limiting owners' personal assets' exposure to business obligations.
  • You gain tax advantages in addition to the benefit of avoiding double taxation laws.
  • Offer foreign investors the finest prospects.
  • Ownership transfers are more flexible with offshore S-corp firm establishment.
  • Less unexpected legal issues than other company formations.

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S-Corp company formation in only 5 simple stages

  • For your firm, choose a distinctive name.
  • S-Corp incorporation application form submission.
  • Following the application form submission, send the necessary paperwork
  • Owners will then receive shares from it.
  • The filing of reports and the preparation of annual financial statements will be done at a meeting of the directors and shareholders.
  • To obtain S-corporation company certification with the IRS, submit the S-2553-Election form.

Documents Needed to Incorporate an S-corporation

  • Reservation of Name Document for a distinctive company name.
  • Articles of incorporation or an incorporation certificate.
  • Corporate bylaws to demonstrate a company's efficient operation.
  • A copy of the minutes of the annual shareholder meeting.
  • Shareholder agreements that outline shareholders' rights
  • A copy of the shareholder's stock certificates.

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